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RE: Radar guns

Hi Glen ! 

Please notify me when the next persuasive speaking / bs seminar you are
leading is in session. I certainly want to sit in the front row !!!     =8-)

Keith Bidne
Ft Dodge, IA
87 5ktq
> IMFO, the best way to fight speeding tickets is NOT to argue about the =
> accuracy and/or admissability of the clocking/radar. I have the best =
> success just telling 'The Judge' that basically I'm a nice guy, a family =
> person, a taxpayer and a voter, a general upstanding community-type =
> person, am gainfully employed, drive manymanymany miles every year with =
> no accidents for manymanymany years, am a very careful and considerate =
> driver and try to pay attention at all times and to obey all traffic =
> laws and am basically one of the 'good guys' and not one the 'types' =
> that get lots of tickets and/or the 'type' that they are really looking =
> to punish. I'll also explain that I am are 'car collector' (*NOT a =
> racer!*) and own many cars, and that if they hit me with a conviction =
> and a fine that the resultant loss of 'good driver ins rebates' on all =
> of the vehicles plus the ins points plus the fine would be *way* in =
> excess of what our lawmakers intended when they set the fine amounts for =
> a simple speeding violation and that I have a *perfect* driving record =
> and want to maintin the incentive to *continue to maintin* that perfect =
> driving record and the all the points, ins penalties and fines would be =
> really excessive for a single and first simple speeding ticket. It also =
> really helps if you were very nice to the officer, 'cause he might even =
> suggest to drop the charge or at a minimum not object if The Judge asks =
> him what he thinks about giving you a break. Wear a good suit, comb your =
> hair, etc. (Duh!) There will be many other people there in court up on =
> FAR more serious charges (DWI, driving to endanger, multiple violation, =
> looooong records, etc) and they obviously will not the 'upstanding =
> citzens' that all of us on this list are.   :)    Very likely there will =
> also be many people that don't even show up and have arrest =
> default/bench warrants issued on them. Your simple speeding violation, =
> the fact that you actually took the time and effort to go to court, =
> showed up, asked for 'forgiveness'  and your 'good appearance'  *will* =
> make a big difference! Use this to your advantage. Sometimes the courts =
> are just so overloaded with Real Serious (Tm) stuff that they just =
> dismiss your speeding violation to get on to the next case. Believe me, =
> this all might sound too basic or outright stupid, BUT IS WORKS! Cops, =
> judges and juries aredrivers, pay insurance and are people too.....
> -glen