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Audi clutch problems

Hi, folks!
I desperately need your help. On Sunday night my girlfriend was
driving our AUDI 5000 on a freeway and everything was fine until she
approached the toll booth. She put the stick in neutral, then she
decided that she needed to speed up a bit and tried to put it in a
2-nd gear but it did not want to go there. She said that she heard no
noises from the clutch and that there was no sign of slipping before,
but from then on she could not shift into any gear when the car was
started, but could shift in any gear easily if the motor was off. She
is pretty experienced with cluthches and she tried to drive the car as
follows: she would shut the engine, shift into 1-st gear, then start
the car pressing on the gas pedal, speed up so that RPM's would match
those appropriate for shifting into 2-nd and then it would shift in!,
but if RPM don't match it would not, and the same thing was with the
3-rd, 4-th and 5-th gears. I was away then and could not take a look
at the car, but my first thought was that the clutch cable got
disconnected from the pedal and I told her to take the car to the
mechaninc, thinking it'd be a very cheap repair. He told her that that
could be the broken pressure plate inside the clutch as well, but it
was the closing time already, so he said her to call on the next day.
When she called she was told that the clutch is "slipping" (!) and the
car needs a new one. I can hardly beleive that this is true for I know
how the problem started. But could it be that one of the plates got
broken and was blocking enetering into the gear and then somehow
relocated so that you can shift into gears when the motor is on, but
the clutch is slipping since there is not enough pressure, or is it
still the cable, or is it something else? There was no slightest sign
of slipping before! I will greatly appreciate all the responses!
Thanks, Alex Zhukovsky.