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RE: Questionable service

I would look into the law requiring mechanics to disclose and get
authorization for any repairs and charges before doing any work. I'm not
quite sure how far it goes, but your case sure looks like it should be

I'm not very impressed with Barrier's service dept. myself. I took the
200 there to get the rotors done and some other items, among them the
stalling problem. They reported that they couldn't reproduce the
stalling problem. Yeah, right. I got it several times a day until I
started using my usual foot position (right foot on both gas and brake)
to blip the throttle a little every time the engine is coasting down...

Let me know what happens - they're right down the road from me and
although I don't plan to take the car back there, I'd like to stay
up-to-date. Thanks.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, redmond, wa
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>Subject: 	Questionable service
> About 2 weeks ago I took my CQ in (to Barrier in Bellevue) for a new
>rr. wiper
>switch and some re-wirering, all covered under warranty, except for a
>deductable. GIECO came and looked at the car and OK'd the work.
> After talking with the dealer today he informed me of some "added"
>charges to
>my bill, NOT covered by the warranty. These include: a $25 "shop fee"
>to cover
>misc shop parts etc., (He says he didn't know how much it would be
>since it 
>varies from job to job. Thats why he never mentioned it.) and, he said
>added/changed the trany fluid (to synthetic), which I NEVER authorized.
>service rep had only SUGGESTED I switch to a synthetic. (I really do
>not think
>they changed the fluid at all since it doesn't shift any different.)
> My question is: Should I have to pay for this extra "shop fee" since I
>never told about it in the beginning? I DO NOT/WILL NOT pay for the
>service. I was originaly told that all I would have to pay was the $35
>Just wondering what kind of ground I have to stand on. Its not the $25
>but the princaple/cheap/sneaky bussiness dealings......man I hate
>Any help/advise would be mucho appreciated!
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