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Re: Questionable service

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jef Johnstone say:

>  After talking with the dealer today he informed me of some "added" charges to
> my bill, NOT covered by the warranty. These include: a $25 "shop fee" to cover
> misc shop parts etc., (He says he didn't know how much it would be since it 
> varies from job to job. Thats why he never mentioned it.) and, he said they
> added/changed the trany fluid (to synthetic), which I NEVER authorized. The
> service rep had only SUGGESTED I switch to a synthetic. (I really do not think
> they changed the fluid at all since it doesn't shift any different.)
>  My question is: Should I have to pay for this extra "shop fee" since I was
> never told about it in the beginning? I DO NOT/WILL NOT pay for the tranny
> service. I was originaly told that all I would have to pay was the $35 deduct.
> Just wondering what kind of ground I have to stand on. Its not the $25 bucks
> but the princaple/cheap/sneaky bussiness dealings......man I hate dealerships!
> Any help/advise would be mucho appreciated!

Do not pay. Threaten to report them to the BBB, and do it if needed.
There is no excuse for a "shop fee". This is built into their $50/hour
labor charge, and their 200% parts markups. If they feel the need to
charge for the odd washer or piece of wire, than they were required
to tell you that up front. I've never seen anything like this.

Auto repair estimates are very heavily regulated by the states attorneys
general and other trade associations (including Audi itself).

Don't put up with this BS (sorry, was I suppsed to say B* ???).


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