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Audi in Russia?

      Hey everyone,

         I just saw the latest James Bond flick, "Golden Eye" tonight, and it
was awsome!  I really liked that chase scene where bond is in the classic Aston
DB5 and he is racing that chick in a Ferrari F355 spyder!  That was cool.  Yes,
I did see the gold Audi GT coupe in the background when Bond first arrives in S
t. Petersburg.  That's in Russia...I didn't know that Audi ever sold to the Rus
sian market?  But, since we saw several Mercedes and a BMW there (in the movie)
then I can imagine Audi would be there as well.  And, the Audi in that movie wa
s hardly worth mentioning though.  But, it was in the movie almost as long as t
he BMW Z3 roadster was, and I did more exciting things when I was in one than i
n the movie.  Anyways, it is a great movie and I highly reccomend it if you hav
en't seen it.  Some of the stunts are spectacular.  There did seem to be a few
things missing that were commonplace in previous Bond flicks that probably only
die hard Bond fans like me would miss, but I did notice this movie was more dif
ferent than other Bond movies.  Oh well.  There is also this chick in it who ge
ts off on other people's pain.  She was bad! ;)  Hurt me baby! ;)  Anyways, it
is a good movie and well worth the $2 I payed to see it.