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Re: 96 A6 Clearcoat Paint

Hairy green toads from Mars made Terry Moore say:

> I am looking at buying a 96 A6.  Due to the limited color selections I have
> decided on Cashmere Gray Mica (metallic) or Brilliant Black (with
> clearcoat).  My question is why is Black the only color in the Audi brochure
> that says with clearcoat.  Do the other colors have clearcoat or not.  I
> thought all paints today were clearcoat. 

Don't know about clearcoat, but stay away from black. My '89 100Q is
black, and I hate it! It never looks clean. If I scrub it and wax it
and polish it, it looks good until I back it out of the garage, then
it looks dirty again. Winter is even worse.

Stick with the gray.


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