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Re: 96 A6 Clearcoat Paint

> > I am looking at buying a 96 A6.  Due to the limited color selections I have
> > decided on Cashmere Gray Mica (metallic) or Brilliant Black (with
> Don't know about clearcoat, but stay away from black. My '89 100Q is
> black, and I hate it! It never looks clean. If I scrub it and wax it
> and polish it, it looks good until I back it out of the garage, then
> it looks dirty again. Winter is even worse.
> Stick with the gray.

Black can give the most brilliance, but it needs most attention of all 
(the opposite is white -- no wash for a year and most people still won't 
see the difference between clean and dirty). Pure black is very 
susceptible to being unwashed for sometime. It needs to be cleanred 
regularly and often. There is a BrBlk 5K in my neighborhood that seems to be 
kept up meticulously. And I must say, it's wonderful-looking.

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