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Fwd: Porsche/V8

Here's a take-off on this Q:  do the Porsche and Audi transmissions have the
same engine mounting pattern?  can a Porsche engine be mated to an Audi
without mods?
they make small block V8 (Chev) to Porsche adapters.....Audi with Chev. small
bock anyone?

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Date: 96-04-13 01:32:00 EDT

Attention UFO owners! I know of a V8 with the disc brake conversion that is
being parted out. Since it has the disc conversion it could help cure some
lucky persons problems! The car has 200K on it but with new wheel bearings
that wouldn't matter much. If anyone is interested I can get the avail. and

I am also looking for some 911 turbo, wheel center caps(The ones with the
"turbo" script). If anyone knows where to obtain some at a resonable price,
please give this frustrated sole some direction! BTW, I know this isn't the
Porsche list but they are a close relative!

Thanks in advance,