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Fwd: stripped strut

Try this:
Grab top most portion of strut rod (chromed) with vise-grip pliers through
spring coil opening.  with air impact wrench remove the nut.  the combination
of inertia and friction should do the trick.  you might even try to remove it
without the vise-grip.  that's how I get mine out when the hex is not
stripped!  Have a new hex or other extension welded-on.  could use allen
socket head bolt.  I had a SAAB Bilstein shock upper mounting stud
shear-off.....welded a bolt to the nub left on the shock...the car drives

All the best,

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NOTE: second attempt on sending this msg - usoft mail farts? Coimbra prollum?

I stripped one of the 7mm hexes on the top of one of my nice, new Boge
Quattro Sport struts while attempting to remove same in prep of the R&R of
the  KUQEFH. Any ideas on removing and/or saving this relatively new strut?

Should I just worry about gittin the (#@&$*#%'n strut out without butcherin'
up the car? How? Drill the top of the strut clear thru the nut?