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It's OUT! It's OUT!

No, not the buggered strut - but the ENGINE! The engine is out! I never thought that an old engine sitting under the car on the cold concrete garage floor could look *SO BEAUTIFUL*!!!

It will, I'm sure, take ~1-2 weeks to git all the small parts & HW I need and also some serious 'Autobahn brand' Elbow Grease (Tm) to git everything clean, painted, etc, and ready for the KUQEFH to go in, but it is happening now (slowly).........

Anyone have an Ur-Q flywheel in good shape? (don't ask.....)
How about the tube that supplies water to the WC turbo for 5000 applications?  (snap! SH_T!)
Any suggestions on ex temp guages? I would like to find a VDO guage that matches the factory stuff......and plan to thred the fitting for the 'sniff tube' in the downpipe-to-turbo fitting and install the ex temp probe there. Thoughts?

How about the engine mounts? The ones in there were the 'old' type. You shouldah seen the pieces and crap that fell out of what was at one time the turbo-side mount! The replacement mounts are the new type, of course. Do I need new or 'special' HW? Do I need a heat shield for the turbo-side mount? Thoughts?

Some KUQEFH specs:

Displacement + 1.0mm                                 ccs   ???
piston to wall clearance .0042 - .0044
Ring end gap - top .018 second .014
oil clearance MAINS .0031 - .0035
oil clearance RODS   .0022 - .0025
core shift - main line .0003
crank size MAINS std   RODS std
crank end play .004
cam   270  timing  installed @ 8  BTDC
head torque   75 Lbs
balance bobweight for crank 830 g


valve     lash      lift  duration
intake    .010"  .410"   270
exhaust .012"  .410"   270

for dergreeing - checking clearance .050"

valve       lift    duration
intake     .410     236
exhaust  .410     236