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RE: Blower Thingy?


It's to cool the injectors to prevent vaporlock and might also improve performance in high temps and/or prevent buildup of crap/varnish inside the injectors.....  I  ran without it on the Ur-Q for about a year or so, didn't make any noticable difference without it, though I have since reinstalled it along with a new injector air distribution manifold and blower air inlet hose. I've thought of installing a cockpit-mounted switch to force the blower to run on demand - might be used in combination with an on-demand rad fan switch - would be nice for cooling things down between races..... I've also thought about adding some LEDs to monitor the rad fan speed and the injector blower operation from inside the cockpit, but, naaaaah, too many other more inportant things to do first.....

Anyone know if the injector cooling blower runs only when the engine is running, only when the engine is off, or both? Different sensor values available to make it kick in at a lower temp?