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Rebuilt 1/2 axle vs CV joint? Help!

I've been getting mixed signals from people.  Rebuilt 1/2 axles for my 90
run about 115 to 100.  A CV joint rebuilt runs about 75.  MY joint is 
a little past rebuildable and I don't want to do it.  I'd rather just
a *good* rebuilt one or new.  Problem is, I have heard skeptical stories
about that, especially since there is a split in the make of the joints
on my year (88).  Rebuilt shafts I have heard to really be careful because
people have had them go out and even shatter. :^O   
I'd like to save money, but am afraid about others.  180 is what I got
from Linda and that is a NEW joint with grease and all (a Lobro).  What
should I do?  I want to make sure this project won't give me anytrouble
or problems later on.  Any advice appreciated.