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Re: Cam for a 90?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Paul Andrews say:

> I was thinking of replacing my cam in my 90 to get a little more power.
> Anyone done this outhere?  Know where I could get one?  Any tips or
> help would be appreciated.  Thanks

The Schrick 272 cam is considered to be the best one available for
the Audi 5 cylinder NA engines. I'm toying with the idea of one myself.
The cost is about $600 plus installation, which would likely be about
another $200 or so.

While you're at it, you can get an adjustable timing sprocket to help
out a little. About another $100.

You should probably put in a K&N Filtercharger to help the new cam
breathe better; I have one already, since they help any engine breathe.


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