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Re: Parts ID

Hairy green toads from Mars made Dave Head say:

> I got some computers from the brother-in-law of the last owner of my 87 tq.
> Can anyone ID them, so we can see if 1) They're worth keeping, or 2) Someone
> else can:
> 1) 035 905 383N Control Module MAC-07A
> 2) 443 919 465E Hauptkontrollgerat 12V 5Zyl Ottomotor (Hella)
> 3) 447 919 159 Steuergerat Bordcomputer (this looks like an Auto Check unit)

#1 is easy to figure out, and #2 is a "main controller" for 5cyl motors
(12V). #3 I can't translate well. "Attached computer board"?


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