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5000S mods

I have been part of this list for about 2 months.
I have had al lot of experience working on Audi's I have owned 2
but my family has had six. 

I have an '84 5000S that I would like to tweek with.
It has the five speed and the engine runs pretty d*@n good
I would like to know what my best bet would be to get more 
power/torque out of it. Supercharger? 
Another question, can I just bolt on a turbo and have a mechanical 
wastegate that runs with how hard you hit the pedal?

A question reguarding exhaust. If I take the whole exhaust off an '86 
model engine 2.2 which is a larger around pipe, will it give me more 
power or oomph? 

I'm looking for any little tips besides take off the are cleaner or 
cranking the richness on the injection. 

Also, can I change my drum brakes to disc brakes in the rear end?
I know they have them on the '86, I'm pretty sure it's the same 
setup. just discs instead of drums hanging off the axle.

Any answers would be appreciated.

'90 200T
'88 90
'86 5000S Raced and Wrecked
'85 5000S
'84 5000S (needs more power)
'83 5000T (sold but was fun)