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Unintended Acceleration

I have just finally determined what cause the unintended acceleration 
in the '84/'85 model 5000's. I have run across this problem several 
times and it is the idle stabilization relay that is located down by 
the relay panel underneath the steering column. I had a bad 
stabilization relay and the idle stablizor quit working period. I 
then replaced the relay with a used one from the junk yard and it 
worked fine for a couple days and then the idle started to climb and 
then was idling at about 2000 RPM. Then it would climb to 4 Grand 
occasionally. but when I replaced it, it was fine. Then I 
experimented, I plugged the other one in and it kept revving up 
really high, eventually to the red line. and with the new relay it 
ran smooth as day at 800RPM all of the time and has been fine since.

One other thing, the IC in the relay box tends to overheat as 
this happens, which is probably one of the causes. 

My GRAND conclusion, 
you have a problem when your car wants to go and you don't , 
change your idel stabilizer relay, should fix it!

Rich Andrews
(Audi Mechanic in Training at Home)

'83 5KT (bought for $300 sold for $700)
'84 5KS (Race Ford Probes and win all the time) 130,000
'84 Coupe (Dad owned, I fixed) 180,000 Miles, no burnt oil
'85 5KS (new Auto transmission for free from dealer)
'86 5KS (raced, revved, wrecked) 190,000 miles never burnt oil!
'88 90 (brother ows, I help fix)
'90 200T (Dad drives, I fix)