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Plea for info, Pt. 1

Hey Y'all,

A couple of days back, I had a mechanic replace my (by that time) extremely
noisy rear wheel bearings in my '89 200TQ.  The noise is now gone, thank
heaven.  during the same shop visit I had new tie rod ends installed also.
Definitely needed.

Now, the shop at which this was done is not one I'd trust for anything much
more complicated than those two jobs.  They were suggested to me by my
regular mechanic who would normally have done these two jobs for me if he
could have managed to schedule them.

The problem:  Since then, the ABS off light comes on after driving about
300-400 yards.  I can turn it off by pushing the ABS off switch twice.
Another 300-400 yards and the light is back on again.  The indicator is
telling the truth.  The ABS system is not functioning.  I have been under
the car.  There is nothing obvious like a dangling sensor connector or
anything which would indicate the source of problem.


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