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Re: Plea for info, Pt. 1

Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Myers say:

> The problem:  Since then, the ABS off light comes on after driving about
> 300-400 yards.  I can turn it off by pushing the ABS off switch twice.
> Another 300-400 yards and the light is back on again.  The indicator is
> telling the truth.  The ABS system is not functioning.  I have been under
> the car.  There is nothing obvious like a dangling sensor connector or
> anything which would indicate the source of problem.

It is definitely a broken/damaged/misaligned sensor.
My car did this, and I ended up replacing the sensor itself (it was
too damaged to reuse). First check: make sure all of them are
securely seated in their mounting holes. Next, see if the tips of
any of them are visibly damaged/knicked. Next, I don't know. See
a shop; they can diagnose which sensor is failing.

As a postscript to this, I sure was glad I had the Antilock Off
switch on my car. The sensor would think the wheel was locked,
and back off my brakes to virtually nothing. With the ABS turned
on, I had <5% braking capacity. Turned off: 100%.

What made them remove this switch?


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