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Re: '92 S4, Changing timing belt

Pierre wrote:
>  To the point: Are there special tools needed to change the timing belt on
>a '92 S4? (Now, Eric, don't tell me I need many!)
>  I would appreciate a precise description, if possible... because there
>may be a little job for a machinist here.

Take a look at the archives at coimbra.ans.net.  I wrote a detailed timing 
belt procedure for the 5k 5-cyl motor.  Your S4 should be very similar.  Some 
cars require removal of the grille instead of the front bumper.  I just did 
this last weekend on my cousin's 5ktq and took some shortcuts changing the 
water-pump also wihout removing the inner timing belt cover and leaving the 
camshaft sprocket alone.  Yes, you need Crankshaft locking tool #2084, 
available from Baum tools for $69.  You can do it without the special 
socket/extension lever (#2079) by using a large 3/4" drive socket (27mm or 1 
1/16") and a breaker bar.  That sucker is close to 300 lbs. ft.

Good luck!

Steve Jagernauth
'87 5kcst, '88 5ks, '74 911, '87 951
(P.S. I've been off the list for about 6 mths since I couldn't keep up with 
the volume.  I just got on the digest then got swamped with 52 messages.)