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'86 5ks thermo switch in tranced

"Lurker coming out of warp in quadrant four Keptain..."

The fan doesn't run: looks like the cooling fan switch has failed
"open", but not too hard to get to, even can get the part local for $16.

BUT... No markings to tell me whether I should get the "92 cutin, 85 cutout"
or the "102 cutin 95 cutout" version of the switch (degrees that is).  As
a matter of curiosity, what is the two wire version for?  Mine has three.
Both are listed for the 5k.    Do any of you know the answer
                               to the parts man's riddle?

I do enjoy this car, but the nearest dealer is a 70mi trip (and I've no
love for dealers anyhow).  The archives yield Shokan as the next closest
for "real" parts.  I have put 20K on since becoming the third owner last
year (all relatives).  In that time, the doors have grown "wings", the
sunroof has broken it's "arm", the water pump learned to "growl", the
antenna learned to "whine", the fuel pump has learned to "hum", one window
has lost it's "reach", the backup lights went "blind", the steering rack
"bleeds", and the radiator "spits", but still I like the car, was I always
this easy to hypnotize?  Maybe it's               time for obedience
training, Definitely it's time for a   MANUAL.  I can get Haynes locally and
cheap, is it worth it to order the              Bentley for a hundred
bucks?  This list looks to be at least as much of a necessity as any book
on the market, by the way.                --G.  '86 5ks by the Hudson...

(are we done bouncing off the corrupted list yet Mr. Spock???)