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Re: '86 5ks thermo switch in tranced

At 06:00 PM 4/17/96 EDT, you wrote:
>The fan doesn't run: looks like the cooling fan switch has failed
>"open", but not too hard to get to, even can get the part local for $16.
>BUT... No markings to tell me whether I should get the "92 cutin, 85 cutout"
>or the "102 cutin 95 cutout" version of the switch (degrees that is).  As
>a matter of curiosity, what is the two wire version for?  Mine has three.
>Both are listed for the 5k.    Do any of you know the answer
>                               to the parts man's riddle?

I believe the two wire version is for non AC cars. The MANUAL shows a three
wire on mine (87tq) - Checking the 86 5KS section (page 97.241) shows me a 3
wire for yours. As far as the temp goes, that could be a matter of
preference. If you could, please get me the PN for the 92/85 - being in
Orlando, I would prefer to run cooler.

 Definitely it's time for a   MANUAL.  I can get Haynes locally and
>cheap, is it worth it to order the              Bentley for a hundred
>bucks?  This list looks to be at least as much of a necessity as any book
>on the market, by the way.                --G.  '86 5ks by the Hudson...

As far as I'm concerned the Bentley manual is invaluable - "BUT" there are
also times it will baffle you with its lack of information on routine info.
If you've done all that so far w/o one, I'm impressed!  Check used
bookstores - sometimes you can get lucky - that's how I got one for my long
gone, beloved 79 5KS.

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EMCM(SW) Dave Head (nuclear grade electrician)
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