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Re: Jammers

Glen reveals:

>The manufacturer claims they are 50-state legal and cites the FCC
chapter and section making it so.....<

I have no doubt that a low power jammer is legal to possess and
transmit with.  I know that there is another FCC chapter that says
that it is illegal to interfere with a lawful broadcast.  Does the
manufacture cite that chapter also?  It is also unlawful to
rebroadcast the transmission of another party without their
permission. (This would cover jammers that receive radar signals,
delay or modify them, and send them back.)

Interference is the key!  A jammer may be perfectly legal to use as
long as it is not used to jam anything.

Let me know what happens if anybody gets caught by the feds using one
of these things.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe
FCC General Radiotelephone license