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Re: frozen tie rods

Michael laments:

>I have just been informed that the tie rods in my car are frozen in place
and therefore prevent any correctional allignment of the front wheels.  i
have an 85 coupe.  The shop soaked them in WD40 in hopes that they may
break free.  They stated that if they don't, then I will need new tie
rods.  Is this true, and is this problem common to anyone else out there?<

Yes.  Having a 1982 Coupe in New England my right front tie rod froze
tight.  I removed the entire tie rod.  First I soaked the threads in
Liquid Wrench and another product called "Kroil" that someone gave me.
WD-40 is good but is not the best for freeing rusted fasteners.  I
then clamped the hex part of the adjusting coupling in a bench vise.
Loosen the clamping hex nuts on the tie rod end and the tie rod with a
big wrench.  You should be able to coax the tie rod end and the tie
rod off with vise grips or a pipe wrench.  You could also apply heat
to the parts to help break them free.  Disassemble it completely and
clean the threads.  I don't know if this is proper, but I put
anti-seize on mine when I put them back together.  WD-40 would work
well here also.  The left front is not as prone to seizure.  It could
probably be loosened with a pipe wrench while it is in the car.

Kroil is advertised in those bingo card decks that come to subscribers
of Machine Design magazine.  They will sell you a gallon of the stuff.
There is another product in auto parts stores that comes in a somewhat
yellow and white spray can covered in colorful accolades.  It is a
thicker consistency and will stick to parts better.  I have found that
it works very well.  I forget the brand name.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe