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ABS again

In a message dated 96-04-16 04:48:44 EDT, you write:

>The problem:  Since then, the ABS off light comes on after driving about
>300-400 yards.  I can turn it off by pushing the ABS off switch twice.
>Another 300-400 yards and the light is back on again.  The indicator is
>telling the truth.  The ABS system is not functioning.  I have been under
>the car.  There is nothing obvious like a dangling sensor connector or
>anything which would indicate the source of problem.

When he pulled the strut off, hence the abs sensors, he did not put the abs
sensors back in the correct position....  Anytime you have to pull the abs
sensors, you should put new little plastic tips (dealer @ .80) back on the
ends of the sensors and push in till it rests on the splines... a You will
get AC voltage from the sensors when they are reading, sounds like one or
both of the rears have a no read from the abs circuit = defaults to OFF so
you won't skid out of control....