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Re: Replacing the Bomb

In a message dated 96-04-19 10:00:58 EDT, you write:

I hear Scott (PDQSHIP) say it is very easy,  but I just need a few steps to
Thanks in advance for the advice, I have 3 liters of Petosin ZF1, the new
accumulator a catch pan and plenty of wrenches.  Do I need to bleed brakes or
just the HFluid?


11mm, 17mm, flat blade screw driver, 10mm wrench....  loosen nose cone with
10mm....  Take off Ptsn feed at rear with screw driver....  11mm wrench take
off brake feed line....  17mm take off HP feed line....  Pull bomb....  New
bomb needs nose cone and rubber isolator in rear....   put on HP feed, brake
line, rear Ptsn feed....  The 17mm needs lots of torque to not leak (may want
to replace compression washers, I didn't)...  You can put a vacuuum plug on
the brake line to keep from the brake bleed routine, but you will loose all
your ptsn....  Refill pentosin, brake fluid resevoir...  start car....  Be
careful, it takes a while to build up the pressure in the new bomb.....