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Dome light open-door relay

I have a problem with my dome light and the individual lights over the 
rear doors of my 86 5KCST going on.  That's the problem, in fact -- they 
don't, unless they are manually turned on with the switch.  NONE of 
them.  This leads me to believe that the little switches in the doorwells 
must be fine, because there is no way that they are ALL bad.  Anyway, I 
tested them and they seem to work fine, they don't stick or anything.

Could the problem be the delay relay located on the relay panel beneath 
the steering wheel?  The seat memory system IS working as advertised, 
i.e. if you push one of the memory buttons within 15 seconds of shutting 
the door, it will adjust.  Is this delay relay different from the light 
system?  Anyway, I might just replace the relay and hope it works.  How 
much do these little doodads cost (approx)?  

Thanks to all.

 -Preston Brown