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Cleaning leather

Al Powell wrote:

Report:  The cleaner took dye out of the first grey seat I tried
it on, so I will not use it.  Saddle soap or plain water with mild
soap would be less aggressive.  The leather conditioner seemed to
work fine.  (I'm not sure it does anything that a light coating of
good ol' Lexol wouldn't do....and costs a lot more.)

Anyone ever used Lexol on their seats?


I use Lexol all the time on all sorts of leather products, including my 
car.  I do a lot of Horseback riding, and my girlfriend is an equestrian 
trainer, so we have to do a lot of leather cleaning.  Believe it or not, 
Murphy's Oil is one of the common cleaners used, alongside plain bar 
saddle soap.  Lexol is one of the most favored conditioners.  Lexol's 
pretty good stuff.  

 -Preston Brown