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door lock motor

First time post here.
I recently bought an 86 4000 quattro to replace my Subarust
after it was broadsided by a Ford Ranger.
Anyway, the motor that runs the auto door locks recently began 
running for an extra 20 or 30 seconds after unlocking the doors
from the driver's door. Does that mean the motor is bad, or
just that there's a hose loose somewhere? The locking system is
still working, but it is a little slower than it was. I know
those things work off some king of vacuum system, so maybe
there's just a leak somewhere.

BTW, someone is advertisng the following car here in
Charlottesville, VA (I don't know the guy, so usual disclaimeers

1990 Audi V8 Quattro 4dr
Candy Apple Red, with black leather interior
Asking $17250/obo
Andrew Peskin, ap1cg@com1.comm.virginia.edu


87 Subarust wagon (deceased)
86 Audi 4kcsq