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Re: Schrick cam vs. ?

With your budget, perhaps a cam isn't your best investment.  The Schrick
272(great cam) won't offer you any appreciable advantage untill after 4000
rpm or so. At least that is true in my 4kcsq and it has the advantage of a
better exhaust. With a limited budget and the coupe gt, I'd spend my first
money on the exhaust. Yes only 5 hp gained by using the 4kq system; but
torque is up at 3000rpm too! You won't get additional torque with a cam
change, you will just get your torque in a different rpm range.

At 07:14 PM 4/16/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Okay, I got rid of that wretched Subaru (the Quattro wannabe) and have money
>to spend on my deserving Coupe GT. I know it needs a Schrick cam, but I have
>a hard time swallowing that $625 price tag ($525 recently on sale--makes one
>wonder what the markup is...).  I know going the reground route is supposed
>to be a no-no for longevity, etc. So what does one do? I have to believe
>there is a) a better way to go about this or b) someone out there in Audiland
>willing to sell the Schrick for something resembling a reasonable price. I
>could buy two cams for the GLI for less!  Thoughts, comments, etc. being
>solicited. And yes, I did sell the Suby for something more than the published
>price of a cam, but I want a sway bar too :)
>Dwight V.
>86 Cgt, 89 GLI 16v (mit ABS!)
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