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RE: Schrick cam vs. ?

I believe that the bad rep of reground cams is today mostly unfounded. Of course, all it takes is one low-quality reweld and resultant failure to give all regrinds a bad name..... Metals science has come a long way! I think that investigation of reground cam alternatives is worthy of consideration. Call some cam vendors are see what they can do for you. A big one for custom regrinds is WEB, I think in CA, USA. I have enough faith in modern regrinds to try one in the KUQEFH. I think mine is by 'Schaffer', not 100% sure and not sure at all of the spelling! I am trying to get more details as to the manufacturer, phone number, address, etc. Another point - people have had success with reground stroker cranks and they are certainly subject to higher stress Vs a cam.....