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	My worthless thoughts on the Audi v. VW v. Acura v. Honda et.al. 

	1st there is a common perception that the big Japanese plates are 
reliable.  Having had some in the family--I can't argue with that.

	2nd it is easier [at least in my part of the country] to find one 
of the Japanese car dealerships than it is an Audi dealership.

	IMHO though, the thing that REALLY puts the 'cuffs on Audi 
sales--as compared to many of the other plates, foreign and domestic, in 
the past, is (1) aftermarket prices for parts at an Audi dealership, and 
(2) the dic*head factor at many--NOT ALL--Audi dealerships.  I mean, I 
absolutely love my Audi's [presently 4 of 'em] but my local [w/in 75 
miles] Audi dealers are insufferable.  Again, this is only my opinion, 
but the "trouble" Audi has had in the past seems in large part due to the 
people they choose to allow to sell their cars.  I know a bunch of people 
that would buy a new Audi if (1) the dealer would be nice, and drop the 
attitude, and (2) parts out of warranty were not so freakin' high.  Good 
example--the advice they give on driveshafts.  Called last week and asked 
about rebuilding a driveshaft "can't be done".  Why lie?  

	Enough harping.  But, AUDI---FIX THE DEALERSHIP PROBLEMS!!!!!!!