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Re: Nameplates

Hairy green toads from Mars made Stephen Williams say:

> 	IMHO though, the thing that REALLY puts the 'cuffs on Audi 
> sales--as compared to many of the other plates, foreign and domestic, in 
> the past, is (1) aftermarket prices for parts at an Audi dealership, and 
> (2) the dic*head factor at many--NOT ALL--Audi dealerships.  I mean, I 
> absolutely love my Audi's [presently 4 of 'em] but my local [w/in 75 
> miles] Audi dealers are insufferable.  Again, this is only my opinion, 
> but the "trouble" Audi has had in the past seems in large part due to the 
> people they choose to allow to sell their cars.  I know a bunch of people 
> that would buy a new Audi if (1) the dealer would be nice, and drop the 
> attitude, and (2) parts out of warranty were not so freakin' high.  Good 
> example--the advice they give on driveshafts.  Called last week and asked 
> about rebuilding a driveshaft "can't be done".  Why lie?  


Why is it that when a rubber boot rips on a control arm, Audi tells
the dealer to replace the control arm for $250 instead of the boot
for $15?

The only saving grace is that there are a number of aftermarket
shops who know how to do things like this. But most customers don't
know about these shops, and blindly listen to what the dealer tells them.


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