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Alot of Questions

Hello fellow appreciators of fine automobiles ... note I said 
automobiles, not some uninspiring, generic transportation appliances.

Recently I had the oil pump replaced on my 93 100S. The timing belt was 
replaced also. This morning when I started the car up it sounded very 
smooth and quiet. But after driving it real hard on my way to campus, I 
noticed there was a mild tapping sound emminating from the engine 
compartment. It sounds like bad lifters. The car has 75K miles on it 
currently...if that helps.

How does one cure this tapping noise? My friend said I should change to 
Mobil 1 synthetic...but my car guy said that frequent oil changes are 
just as good. I get my oil and filter changed every 3,000 miles 
...sometimes less than that. Would Mobil 1 cure the lifter problem? 

Also what is carbon build up? Another friend of mine said that it could 
be carbon build up. 

On a different note...I called Tire Rack about Eibach springs for my car 
and they quoted me a price of $265. Is that reasonable? And also did 
anyone on the list lower their 92+ 100/S4/S6/A6?

And finally! ....Whew! .... I asked about the BBS RX wheels in 17 inch 
diameter for my car. The catalog doesn't list Audi on the application 
list, but the telephone sales guy insisted that it fits Audi's also. Does 
anyone know if it does?

I thank you all for this great list...and reading my long message.