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Re: Alot of Questions

> And finally! ....Whew! .... I asked about the BBS RX wheels in 17 inch
> diameter for my car.

Lessee, you live in the Metropolitan D.C. area, and want to put 17's on your
Audi...  Lemme help you save some time, I've got three bent 17's, only four
months old, ranging from 1 - 4,000 miles of use, that I'd be glad to sell you.
 This way you don't have to wait to get the end result of putting 17's on an
Audi in this area.  I take a night class at Maryland too, I'll deliver them to
your doorstep!

87 5000CS TQ - Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
84 5000S - Boulder, Colorado
90 80 - Bethesda, Maryland