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Re: Audi god's did strike again

     Yes it is Hans.  I replaced mine myself.  It is an updated part, so 
     you also need to buy a new lock and re-key it(easier than it sounds).  
     The only tough part is that the disk has a 180 degree gear on it and 
     that has to be lined up perfectly when you install it because the 
     center tooth on the gear it keyed to fit the center tooth on the 
     opposing gear.  I put mine in about 10 times until I finally lined it 
     up.  Complete procedure, including remove/install door panel, took 
     about 2 hours.
     I bet if you took the lock cylinder to the dealer, he could re-key it 
     for you when you buy the part.  Evidently, this problem is very 
     common.  The dealer I talked to knew exactly what I needed and got it 
     without even looking at the computer or a book.  The new part BTW is 
     much sturdier than OEM so the fix will probably outlast the car.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Audi god's did strike again
Author:  "Hans-Juergen Schneider" <hschnei@ibm.net> at Internet
Date:    4/18/96 8:57 PM

This afternoon the driver side lock on our Audi Coupe Quattro 20V stopped 
working. luckily the passenger side still ok. Anyway , you can turn the 
key in the lock and just nothing is happening. So after finally figuring 
out how to remove the door panel , it looks as if the disk on the back of 
the lock is broken. This disk is normally attached to the linkage which 
actuates the central locking. I wonder if this disk is sold as spare part 
or if I will have to buy a complete new lock. After my experience with 
the door panel is looks as if it is time to get a Bentley manual for this