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Re: Audi god's did strike again

Hairy green toads from Mars made Hans-Juergen Schneider say:

> This afternoon the driver side lock on our Audi Coupe Quattro 20V stopped
> working. luckily the passenger side still ok. Anyway , you can turn the
> key in the lock and just nothing is happening. So after finally figuring
> out how to remove the door panel , it looks as if the disk on the back of
> the lock is broken. This disk is normally attached to the linkage which
> actuates the central locking. I wonder if this disk is sold as spare part
> or if I will have to buy a complete new lock.

Just finished getting this done with my car. There are extensive
notes in the archive on the procedures.

Audi has a new, improved lock mechanism that doesn't break as
easily as the old one. The parts are *not* interchangeable, so
you will need a new lock cylinder, lock ring, and carrier. About
$25 in parts. Don't forget to swap the tumblers into the new
cylinder so your old key still works.


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