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Re: O2 sensors

Hairy green toads from Mars made Joe Yakubik say:

> As part of the 60k check it says to replace the o2 sensor.  Audi's price was 180
> DM.  I went to a Bosch dealer who asked me why I was swapping it out.  I told
> him because my book told me to.  He gave me the equivalent of "If your book said
> to jump off a bridge, would you?"  His answer:  They (Bosch dealer) do not
> replace them as a matter of course, but test them when they do the
> exhaust/emissions inspection.  Because my car is exempt from the full-up
> inspection I asked if he could test mine and he said "No, if your idle is good,
> and your MPG is good and your car runs okay, then your o2 sensor is okay.  When
> you have these problems then bring it back." He then said if I really wanted he
> could test it, but it would waste my money.  I like this guy.

I just went through this last week. My car has 123K on it, original
O2 sensor. I think I have a few symptoms which may be due to it's
heading south, so I asked my mecahnic about testing it.

He'll test it, but wants to replace it for another reason: after about
100K or so, the things get brutally welded to the manifold, and sometimes
require major surgery to remove. I may ask him to bust it loose and
test it, or maybe just replace it anyway.


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