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BMW M5's (was: Re: Sticker prices?)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Linus D. Toy say:

> At 11:32 PM 4/19/96 -0700, Eliot Lim wrote:
> >like that.  i hear that the early 750i's were buggy as hell.  what's
> >a '88 or '91 M5 worth?  the bmw salesman even tried to dissuade me
> >from considering one because he said that the maintenence was
> >horrifying, even for an audi owner.
> that's because the M engine is practically hand built.  little in common
> with the stock 3.5L  I6.  (not true w/ the '95 M3) fyi, the '88 M5 listed in
> the high 40s, in the mid to high teens today, the '91 M5 listed in the high
> 50s, in the 30s today.  and at 300+ normally aspirated hp in a 3800# car,
> that is nothing to mess with, especially if it's been seen by Dinan.

A friend at work has this exact beast: a ticket-me-first red '91
M5, and it *has* been seen by Dinan. He bought it about 18 months
ago, replacing an '88 M5, which replaced a 535is, which replaced
a 530i....

If one of you (Eliot?) wants some info, I can put you in touch....

BTW, it's a bitch to work on (he does most of it himself), but


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