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O2 sensors

As part of the 60k check it says to replace the o2 sensor.  Audi's price was 180
DM.  I went to a Bosch dealer who asked me why I was swapping it out.  I told
him because my book told me to.  He gave me the equivalent of "If your book said
to jump off a bridge, would you?"  His answer:  They (Bosch dealer) do not
replace them as a matter of course, but test them when they do the
exhaust/emissions inspection.  Because my car is exempt from the full-up
inspection I asked if he could test mine and he said "No, if your idle is good,
and your MPG is good and your car runs okay, then your o2 sensor is okay.  When
you have these problems then bring it back." He then said if I really wanted he
could test it, but it would waste my money.  I like this guy.

Joe Yakubik