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4000sq paint

It's good to be back!  Even though I have to sift through thousands of
messages RE: all of these beautiful Audis [v8Qs, 5KTQs, 200TQs, S4s, etc.)
-- i missed the audinet!


I just spent major $$$ on my humble 1985 4KSQ.  $ new Boge's with complete
strut bearing replacements, 4 new wheel bearings, etc.  All original.

This came to over $1,200.

Then i had the exhaust completely redone.  Audi original. With some other
'odds-and-ends' -- It came to over $1,400.

The car runs/handles great.  With engine mods it could be great..

But the paint .. well,  it needs paint bad.  I also have rear right bumper
damage estimated at over $1500 in damage.. But it doesn't look that bad.

I just want this car to look good now.  It feels like a new quattro. This
sounds crazy, but Maaco has a deal: $399 for paint and 4 hrs of labor included.

should I?  I'm in the Boston area -- can anyone talk me out of this?