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I just had some srious work done to my '85 4KQ.  Here is a partial list:

Exaust          All Orig.               $1,400 (with other little fixes)

Suspension      4 Boge turbos
                All new wheel bearings
                All new tie rod ends  
                ALL Original            $1,200

Rubber/Align.   Bridgestones            $650

Water Pump/
Timing belt/
Clutch Master Cylinder                  $900

And much, much more.  The car feels like new -- but I have much to do.  It
has 134K-- but it feels like it will live 4-ever.

It has other problems.  The center Diff lock won't engage, and now the rear
won't stay locked.  

can anyone help here?  This is why I bought the car -- and even though it's
not winter anymore-- It feels 'un-whole' without the locks.

Also, a friend wants to purchase a car like mine -- or any Quattro in the
1985-90 range with under a 100K. 

Preferrably a 4KQ or a 80Q or 90Q.  He'll spend up to 6.5K

Let me know  



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