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Re: Unintended Acceleration

Robert Houk - SMCC Bos Desktop Hardware wrote:
> This once happened to me . . . dealer -- for whatever reason -- had
> removed bottom panel of steering column; when reinstalling, they managed
> to drive the left-side screw through the wiring harness of the cruise
> control . . . [just one of several reasons why I wouldn't trust Pass
> Weitz to change the oil, let alone "work" on the car anymore] so that
> the "accel" button was "asserted".
> You might have frayed-wire/loose-connector[/berserk-computer?] which
> looks like "accel" button engaged.
> Dunno 'bout them V8Qs, but most cruise controls have a "master power"
> (aka OFF) switch somewhere . . . (of course engaging the brakes should
> also tell the berserk computer to quit cruisin'!).
> German electrics make Lucas Prince of Darkness blush with shame . . .
>                                         -RDH

My cruise control is on the turn signal stalk and has 3 positions: resume/on/off, with 
the "set" control at the end of the stalk.  If there is an "accel" position, I'm unaware 
of it.  Switching to "off" did not do anything. 

Tim Gortner

'90 V8Q
'90 90Q20V