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Re: Unintended Acceleration

PAUL SOUZA 202-260-6061 wrote:
>           5.  There is a difference between a car accelerating on the
>           highway similar to a cruise control resuming speed and what Audi
>           was accused of 10 yrs ago,....

The use of the term "unintended acceleration", for any Audi owner over the age of 20 will always evoke 
memories of the controversial "problem."  Perhaps "a cruise control resuming speed" isn't the same, I can, 
however, vouch for the feeling of panic and confusion, which happens when your pedal goes to the floor 
without you doing it and you are even momentarily not in control of your vehicle.  Perhaps a different term 
should be used when we're talking about a different type of "unintended acceleration."  Maybe "unwanted 
acceleration" or ""officer, you know, I'm, like driving an Audi" acceleration".

Tim Gortner
'90 V8Q
'90 90Q20V
'73 3.0 CS