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Re: air box (was: Coupe q help needed !!!)

> >I tried a K&N filter mod from Schaumburg Audi in Illinois, which eliminated 
> >the airbox and put a "Cone" style filter into its place, with associated 
> >hardware.  Its similar to the ones that you can buy for VWs.  It was 
> >probably good for a few hp, but the car definitely does breathe better 
> >at higher rpm (and sounds it ,too).  Don't know how it will work this 
> >winter, though - I may have to reinstall the airbox.

> Peter, what happens to the filter in heavy rain? Have you had any problems
> with the cone filter??

Well, water tends to get into the air box -- even with originals if 
you're driving through heavy rain.

I would like to know, too, what happens with the water when they are 
sucked into air intake? Do they make the performance worse?

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