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Re: air box

> >    Well, water tends to get into the air box -- even with originals if
> >    you're driving through heavy rain.
> >    I would like to know, too, what happens with the water when they are
> >    sucked into air intake? Do they make the performance worse?
> > Better -- within reason; water injection helps cool that hot compressed
> > air coming out of the turbo, allowing you to shove more of it into the
> > cylinders and make more power. Of course you usually inject it DOWNstream
> > of the turbo . . . heh heh (Hey, it's Friday night! Go Home!)
> Also, don't lotsa turbo guys use water to prevent predetonation?  Allows
> 'em to run more boost on the turbo without things blowing up too soon.

Well, most of turbo cars use extra gasoline to cool the temp. I heard 
some Saabs uses window washer fluid.

Anyway, what if the engine is atmopheric-breathing one?

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