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Re: Sticker prices?

 DH> but I haven't seen it in a while, and I did not buy it new.  But, if I
 DH> remember
 DH> correctly, the sticker price for it was $37,000!  This was also the
 DH> top of the line Audi that model year and was special ordered with a few
 DH> options like pearl
 DH> paint and the Fuchs wheels.  Oh, the car btw is an '88 Audi 5000CS
 DH> turbo quattr
 DH> o.  Does this sound about right?  What about y'all's cars?

 DH> Later,
 DH> Dan

    Most of the decent used car price guides will list the price
    of the vehicle when new. These prices are supplied to give
    potential buyers an idea of depreciation. Audi current values
    compared to price when new is bad, really bad. I attribute alot
    of this to the discussion now on the list...unintended 
    accelation, which destroyed the market for Audi. My 1990 V8Q
    listed for $47,450, and is now worth $13,250 wholesale.
    But, like the printed sticker, the value guides don't take
    manufacturer incentives, rebates etc. into account.

    Those on the list who bought their Audi's new, can take 
    some solice from the resale on the BMW 750IL.
    The 1989 model sold new for a little over $70,000.00 US, and
    today is worth $13,205 at wholesale.


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