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Re: Sticker prices?

On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Cobram wrote:
>	I attribute alot
>     of this to the discussion now on the list...unintended
>     accelation, which destroyed the market for Audi. My 1990 V8Q
>     listed for $47,450, and is now worth $13,250 wholesale.

>     But, like the printed sticker, the value guides don't take
>     manufacturer incentives, rebates etc. into account.

there was a $8000 rebate on v8s in late 1990, which prompted me
to consider one.  with a bit of extra arm twisting i purchased
my v8 for $38K before taxes plus a good deal on the extended
warranty.  today the car can probably fetch $16K or $17K retail.
not bad depreciation at all i don't think.  a tad under 50%
over 6 years.

>     Those on the list who bought their Audi's new, can take
>     some solice from the resale on the BMW 750IL.
>     The 1989 model sold new for a little over $70,000.00 US, and
>     today is worth $13,205 at wholesale.

ah, bmw never did suffer from accusations of IA, so what's the real
excuse for the crashing depreciation of these cars?  i think the real
reason are the $6000 gearboxes, $1000 control units and $500 broken
electric windows, the same kind of maladies that afflict audis.  stuff
like that.  i hear that the early 750i's were buggy as hell.  what's
a '88 or '91 M5 worth?  the bmw salesman even tried to dissuade me
from considering one because he said that the maintenence was
horrifying, even for an audi owner.