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A8 prices in UK.

Hey guys and girls,

I just got an A8 and A4 brochures from a friend of my in UK, there is also
a price list attached to the A8 brochure. I just noticed that the A8 is
available with 3 different engine i.e. 2.8 V6, 3.7 V8 and 4.2 V8. It looks
like the quattro option at least in UK in only available with the 4.2 V8.

The prices are as follows(include 15% VAT, value added tax):

Standard Models

2.8  35,530.83 pounds
3.7  43,350.45 pounds
4.2  49,048.03 pounds

Sport Models
2.8   38,973.58 pounds
3.7   46,793.20 pounds
4.2   52,490.78 pounds

Delivery charge is 425 pounds including 15% VAT.

BTW the 2.8 is the 12 valves, 174hp engine not the 30 valves 193hp engine.
The hp rating for the 3.7 V8 is 230hp and 4.2 V8 is 300hp. Looks like the
2.8 V6 only come with non-tiptronic gearbox, it's standard equipement for
the V8 models, traction control is also standard for V8 models. 

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA. 
92' 100 V6