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History Buffs

One last bit of info on the 4 rings...The original Audi Automobilwerke was
founded in 1909 by August Horch, the German automobile pioneer who had
established his first factory, A. Horch & Co, in that same city at the turn
of the century.  Following a dispute with his partners, Horch left his first
company and quickly began his second.  Because he was not allowed to give his
own name to the new enterprise, he named it Audi, which is the "latinization"
of Horch, meaning "to listen" in German.  in 1932, both the Audi and Horch
companies, together with Wanderer and DKW, were merged to form the Auto Union
group.  All of the factories of Auto Union were located in what became
Russian occupied territory following Hitler's defeat.  Thought someone might
be interested! (a History of Progress, Audi).  See Quattro Club Quarterly,
winter 1996 issue.  Karen Chadwick, Executive Director, Quattro Club USA