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FS: '93 S4 & '93 V8Q

Hi gang,

I was in Minneapolis Saturday and just happened to see a 1993 S4...
pearl white / black leather & carbon fiber trim package.  It had
54k on the clock and was in great shape... one or two small touch
up areas just above the grill, but other than that it was pretty
darn nice!  Oh yeah, it looked like it had newer Dunlops on the 5
spoke wheels.  Not sure about the price, but it might not be too
bad... it's at Carousel (612-544-0612) if you want more info.   BTW,
they also had a '93 V8Q w/ only 35k miles (deep blue with gray
leather... V8 tags front & rear, and BBS style wheels... I'm sure
it's pricey though.   

Usual disclaimers....    :)



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